Tuesday, June 21, 2009


For decades now in both Canada and the U.S.A. i keep hearing on a daily basis anti-Spanish racist slurs coming from the mouth of these Ignorant Portuguese! It is a testament to an ethnic group (who also call themselves Lusos) when they continuously talk out of their asses generation after generation, and use ethnic slurs not just against Spain, but Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, East Indians, Chinese, Cape Verde, and so forth. Do these ugly, rude and Ignorant moustached women and men think that their comments remain in a vacuum? That their comments don't offend the people they are insulting?

I Highly Recommend that all those who are the victims of their constant Racist slurs unite and Veto these pathetic and multi-generational backward Bacaladitos, Lusos, Portugee, Poortugee, Portoputas, Portugypsies, Azorians, Portuguese or Whatever they want to call themselves.

A good start would be boycotting their businesses, stores, soccer teams, and the ethnic group itself. Challenge them, Educate them (if you can because talking to a Portuguese is like talking to a Brick Wall) in order to Make them understand that this form of Racist behavior is NOT acceptable nor tolerated in today's society.